Valorians Project Spotlight

Logo Image from Valorian’s twitter

Recently I was drawn to a project on the familiarity of the art. It resonates with me and my deep enjoyment of science fiction. I think you might be able to guess some of the influence of the Seeker’s that are the Valorian’s project main mint NFT. These seeker’s pictured above and below embody a sense of high tech machinery along with sentient non-organic being. Looking deeper into the project that is just what they are to be. Seekers are aptly named as they are on a quest for worthy candidates to become Valorians!

Valorians as the project is named for are the protagonist of the world being built. This project looks to create a rich sci-fi world with a full story that pays tribute to the greats like Star Wars while staying original and modern. I was drawn in by the foundation of the story already being laid out, and when in the first AMA it was discussed that the story would be progressed with each roadmap milestone culminating in a fully fleshed out narrative I was hooked. We find our story starting after the galaxy defenders the Valorians are dealt a crushing defeat. The seekers created to aid the Valorians but too late to prevent the defeat are now tasked with finding those able to take up the mantle.

The project is in it’s early stages just now developing it’s community. A great chance to get in and become a strong supporting member. It was mentioned that whitelist spots we reserved for the first ten to boost the server and a special invite contest rewarding not only a WL but a special surprise. They are now expanding teasers out to some of the life forms of the galaxy and starting world building. Being a participant now will give you a richer and deeper connection with the story. This project really highlights great science fiction and looks to be an amazing NFT story experience.

This segment is a personal piece written without prior communication to the team about its creation. As always readers the RedBearKira appreciates your time.



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